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Grace Bol stars in a short film for Vandals magazine

South Sudanese stunner sports bold and bright make-up for a short fashion film for Vandals magazine. 

Lupita Nyong'o braids hair with Vogue

Just when we thought we can't admire Lupita Nyong'o more, the Vogue video "The Braids" came up. Shot in a hair salon, the footage reveals amazing hair braiding skills of the Oscar-winning actress, who recalls the days when it was her "side hustle".


"Dazzling Blue" has been named top color pick for Spring 2014. Among other top colors are "Violet Tulip", "Placid Blue" and "Radiant Orchid" - all four shades meet in one superlative gemstone, Tanzanite. 

Important Mz 007

Say hello to Mz 007! Born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, a female rapper, whose looks speak louder than her lyrics, will definitely have your attention with her new video "Important".

A look inside Pharell’s new LA house

Pharrell Williams’ 7-million-plus house is a truly deserved home for a musical genius. A brief technical description goes something like this: a six bedroom house with a two-story guest house, an infinity pool and magical views of the city of Los Angeles. However, in this instance, a picture is worth more than thousands words. So check out the slideshow and be amazed!

Shangaan Electro: Dance Music From South Africa

Dazed & Confused's team is one of the few people from outside South Africa to have attended a Shangaan Electro dance in the heart of the township Soweto. As the result of the trip comes an interview with Nozinja, the composer and record label owner, who revolutionized Shangaan music by upping the heart rate to the point of heart attack.


Inspired by Hemingway's "The old man and the sea", Sundance prize-winning filmmaker Kibwe Tavares sets his filming on a Tanzanian island to tell a story of a fish. Jonah is a modern tale about a young beach boy from Zanzibar, who desperately wants tourism to come, but when it comes, it destroys his life.

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