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There's nothing like buying a swimsuit that gets you ready for summer. And especially this year, when there are plenty of new options, you have to let yourself go and try out something new. A high-waisted bottom, a rash guard and a cut-out, - highlight of Miami Swim Week, Mara Hoffman assambled all the...

15 Uses For Toothpaste You Didn’t Know

We all use toothpaste, but it has some amazing properties that make it great for a lot more things other than just whitening our teeth. Read on to see 15 uses for toothpaste that are sure to make life easier.

Africa’s Finest Films Screened at London Festival

The return of dapper, gun-wielding Daniel Craig in the latest installment of the James Bond franchise has dominated the headlines and cinemas in the UK. But London-based film lovers had also other reasons for joy as they were, once again, treated to the finest African flicks at a film festival that has...

Ghanian brand Hazza dedicates collection to mothers

Fashion lovers all around the world know exactly when next season is around the corner: it is when fashion houses start revealing their ad campaigns. So right on time, unisex brand from Ghana “Hazza” presented lookbook of its Spring/Summer2016 collection and we can’t wait to try each and every...

Speak 'patois' with Jeneil Williams

Our favorite Jamaican, Jeneil Williams, is featured in a new episode of i-D's series "How To Speak", in which the catwalk's hottest faces introduce us to essential phrases in their native languages. This time get ready to learn some Jamaican lingo, Patois!

In a humorous video, a former track & field star teaches us how to dance and how to flirt, using 7 short phrases. This is what we call education! Jeneil's voice is so sexy, you would want to watch the video over and over again, and we won't blame you! DWL!


Phrase 1:

Me good yuh know, but look at yuh, di better one.

I'm great but not as good as you.

Phrase 2:

Di dance slap web!

This dance is awesome!

Phrase 3:

Yu muss born back a cow!

You're an idiot!

Phrase 4:

But if a huh so, a nearly so.

If it's not actually true, it might as well be.

Phrase 5:

Baby me like yuh!

Baby, I like you!

Phrase 6:

LOL = DWL, Dead wid Laugh

Dead with laughter

Phrase 7:

Mi a forward. Yuh si web ah mean?

I'm coming. Do you know what I mean?


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