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Inspired by Hemingway's "The old man and the sea", Sundance prize-winning filmmaker Kibwe Tavares sets his filming on a Tanzanian island to tell a story of a fish. Jonah is a modern tale about a young beach boy from Zanzibar, who desperately wants tourism to come, but when it comes, it destroys his...

Dawn in Luxor by Kahlil Joseph for KENZO

As if a digital pop-up wasn't enough, Kenzo makes another loud statement about sustainable fishing, by releasing a short film from director Kahlil Joseph.

Ageists hate Madonna’s new video

Madonna just released her music video for “Bitch I’m Madonna”, and besides being loud and flashy, it’s crowded with stars. And though simply entertaining, it sparked some strong reactions on the web, with youtube users condemning the 56-year-old for not behaving according to her age.


There's nothing like buying a swimsuit that gets you ready for summer. And especially this year, when there are plenty of new options, you have to let yourself go and try out something new. A high-waisted bottom, a rash guard and a cut-out, - highlight of Miami Swim Week, Mara Hoffman assambled all the...

Imaan Hammam lands a cover of US Vogue at 17

When an unknown Dutch model Imaan Hammam opened the Givenchy show in 2013, all eyes were on her. A year later she joined eight other girls on the cover of Vogue US September issue, celebrating a new generation of models, whose Instagrams are just as impressive as their careers.

Generally speaking, September issues of fashion magazines are the most important editions of the year. It is the month when the fashion directors showcase their choices of fashions for the next year, while editors choose the most influential celebrities of the time for the covers. And considering that Vogue is literally a fashion bible of the world, its September covers are most highly anticipated. And this year no fan was disappointed. 

It's just been too long a time since models were on the cover of Vogue US. Anna Wintour has been favoring actresses to models for almost a year, so seeing Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss was a breath of fresh air. But wait, it is a flip-out, when unfolded it shows other six supermodels, who are Arizona Muse, Edie Campbell, Fei Fei Sun, Vanessa Axente, Andreea Diaconu and 17-year-old Imaan Hammam (on the photo - 6th from the right).

Imaan Hammam (the sixth from the left) by Mario Testino for Vogue US, September issue 2014

To land a Vogue cover is without doubt a turning point in every model's career. And though with her 22,000 Instagram followers Imaan is hardly even close to her cover colleagues: Cara Delevingne has almost 7 million followers, Karlie Kloss more than a million and Joan Smalls 600,000, with this cover in her pocket, the number might very soon change.  

Follow Imaan Hammam here: @hammamimaan 

"The Instagirls" video

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