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Sia’s new video star is … karate kid from Japan

You wouldn't know this karate kid’s name (unless you are a martial arts buff), but last year this 9-year-old prodigy became a YouTube sensation. And now she packs a punch in Australian singer-songwriter Sia's latest video.

New cover of ‘Industrie’ is fabulous!

Not only Naomi looks like she is never going to age, but she poses alongside legendary Edward Enninful, the W fashion editor, for the latest 'Industrie’ cover, which, by the way, looks flawless!


Born in Mexico, raised in Nairobi, Lupita Nyong'o won the Best Supporting Actress award, becoming the first black African to own an Oscar. 


How hand-made natural cotton from Addis Ababa finds its way to boutiques around the world and retailers like Barneys, Saks Avenue and Bloomingdale's? Liya Kebede has an answer.

Selfie absorbed

In 2013 the word "selfie" was finally included in the Oxford English Dictionary and proclaimed "the word of the year". To celebrate the fact, W Magazine March issue dedicates the whole fashion spread to the popular phenomenon.

Styled by Giovanna Battaglia, the editorial cleverly named "Selfie Absorbed" features Malaika Firth, Cora Emmanuel and Riley Montana, posing with cellphones in their hands. Completely immersed in their own self-absorption, they nevertheless showcase brilliant looks from the SS2014 runway collections, like Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham, Miu Miu and many more.

While enjoying the images, we couldn't but raise the question, has the social media obsession reached the critical level, that duck lips and long arms have become an essential part of every-day life? Just a couple of years ago such postures in a fashion spread would of course puzzle the readers, but now in 2014 we see them as natural. Photographed and staged by photographer Emma Summerton, the images reflect selfie obsession, which is especially characteristics of anyone in the fashion industry. Indeed, if your #lookoftheday is not on Instagram, did anyone actually see it?

So what is it, a display of narcissism or a must for those striving to get into the profession? W editorial is open to many interpretations, but it sets a perfect example, that when performed with modesty and humor, the narcissism can look very charming.


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