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In case you didn't recognize, it is Liya Kebede, a 36-year-old philanthropist and a supermodel. Appearing in Marie Claire France October fashion spread, she rocks a new hairstyle …AND a hew hair color. It's time to go platinum!


There is a rumor that Duro Olowu once bumped into Michael Kors on London's Portobello Road, and after pleasantries were exchanged, he ventured to ask the maitre to share some of his wisdoms. "Just give women what they want”, - those words stuck into his head and thereby have shaped his entire care


Inspired by Hemingway's "The old man and the sea", Sundance prize-winning filmmaker Kibwe Tavares sets his filming on a Tanzanian island to tell a story of a fish. Jonah is a modern tale about a young beach boy from Zanzibar, who desperately wants tourism to come, but when it comes, it destroys his...


How hand-made natural cotton from Addis Ababa finds its way to boutiques around the world and retailers like Barneys, Saks Avenue and Bloomingdale's? Liya Kebede has an answer.

Lupita wins Star Wars red carpet

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has finally hit the theaters and unlike previous franchises, this movie is said to appeal to both men and women, as well as, of course, Star Wars’ most devoted fans.

Honestly speaking, we wouldn’t be as thrilled as we are about the American space saga, if it wasn’t for Lupita Nyong’o, who plays a tiny animated alien named Maz Kanata. Viewers may not recognize the Academy Award-winning actress on screen, but luckily for all fashion lovers Lupita is taking part in a promotion tour for the movie and has been flashing some incredibly amazing outfits on the red carpets. 

Scroll through the gallery below:

Source: The Cut

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