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Speak 'patois' with Jeneil Williams

Our favorite Jamaican, Jeneil Williams, is featured in a new episode of i-D's series "How To Speak", in which the catwalk's hottest faces introduce us to essential phrases in their native languages. This time get ready to learn some Jamaican lingo, Patois!

MwanaFA ft G. Nako Warawara - "Mfalme"

"MFALME" produced and directed by Kevin Bosco Jr. of Decent Media, Kenya. Mfalme is produced by Nahreel and mastered by Marco Chali at Mj Records in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  

Who would you put on Vanity Fair cover?

For Hollywood’s glitterati, only one thing is arguably sweeter than climbing the Oscars stage to collect your well-deserved gold-plated statuette. And that is posing for Annie Leibovitz as the famed photographer shoots a Vanity Fair cover for the magazine’s annual Hollywood Issue.


Summer is here and if you're still looking for a swimsuit, fashion magazines are aligning their content to help you find the right one. Filler Magazine suggests taking temperatures high this summer and features Happy Umurerwa to prove their point.

Model of the Year 2015 announced! released its annual Model of the Year Awards, in which over 250 industry insiders and MDC readers chose top faces of 2015, and to everybody’s surprise, Kendall Jenner is not the winner. 

And the winners are:

Model of the Year: Women

Industry’s Vote - Anna Ewers; Runner Up - Gigi Hadid

Readers’ Choice - Gigi Hadid; Runner Up - Kendall Jenner

Anna Ewers took this year’s highest honor - Model of the Year: Women - as voted by the industry peers. The hot blonde and Claudia Schiffer Doppelgänger is a German national and Alexander Wang muse. Readers’ choice was nabbed by Kendall Jenner’s right hand gal Gigi Hadid. Kendall herself came short as a Runner Up 

Model of the Year: Men

Industry’s Vote & Readers’s Choice - Lucky Blue Smith

Runner Up Industry’s Vote - Tim Schuhmacher

Runner Up Readers’ Choice - Adonis Bosso 

As for men, Lucky Blue Smith is the Male Model of the Year - as voted by both industry and the readers. The most in-demand male model is only 17 years old and comes from a family of mormons. He occasionally tweets out the Book’s passages to his teen-girl followers and is often compared to Derek Zoolander. The Runner Up readers’ Choice fell upon Ivory Coast-born Adonis Bosso. When he is not striking poses for Dolce&Gabbana and Public School ad campaigns or walking all major brands’ runways, he customizes clothes for his friends and works in a rest center for kids with special needs.

Breakout star: Women

Industry’s Vote - Lineisy Montero, Runner Up - Mica Arganaraz

Readers’s Choice - Bella Hadid; Runner Up - Imaan Hammam

As for Breakout star category, Lineisy Montero is the ultimate Industry’s Choice. She is face of Prada and rocked natural hair in ad campaigns and on runways long before Maria Borges walked her teeny-weeny Afro at the Victoria’s Secret show. Bella Hadid seems to follow her sister Gigi’s footsteps wherever and landed the Reader’s Choice. The Runner Up in this category was given to another young and beautiful Instagram star, Imaan Hammam. Anna Wintour’s favorite landed her first Vogue cover at 17 and is undeniably one of the most promising models of 2015.

Breakout star: Men

Industry’s Vote & Readers’s Choice - Jordan Barrett

Runner Up Industry’s Vote - Piero Mendez

Runner Up Readers’ Choice - Sven de Vries

Comeback of the Year

Industry’s Vote & Readers’s Choice - Derek Zoolander; Runner Up - Raquel Zimmermann

Social Media Star: Women

Industry’s Vote - Gigi Hadid; Runner Up - Kendall Jenner

Readers’ Choice - Kendall Jenner; Runner Up - Gigi Hadid

Kendall Jenner did not win Model of the Year title, but her Social Media success was recognized by the readers. Industry’s vote went to Gigi Hadid.

Social Media Star: Men

Industry’s Vote & Readers’s Choice - Lucky Blue Smith

Runner Up Industry’s Vote - Shaun Ross

Runner Up Readers’ Choice - Francisco Lachowski


Industry’s Vote - Cameron Russell; Runner Up - Alek Wek

Readers’s Choice - Karlie Kloss; Runner Up - Alek Wek

Modeling business is famous for embracing superficiality and narcissism, but the high level of exposure is sometimes used to serve the good causes. appreciates those who help out others and every year awards prominent models in Humanitarian category. Cameron Russell and Karlie Kloss were picked by Industry and readers, respectively, while Alek Wek was announced as a Runner Up by both. 

Best Street Style

Industry’s Vote - Hanne Gaby Odiele; Runner Up - Binx Walton

Readers’s Choice - Liu Wen; Runner Up - Binx Walton

While models mostly wear the clothes chosen for them by professionals, some of them do manage to showcase their own unique style off-duty. This year the industry people awarded Belgium-born Hanne Gaby Odiele, who has impeccable talent in mixing prints, colors and textures, - sometimes all at once. Chinese stunner Liu Wen earned the readers’ award for her clean all-black ensembles and, of course, a big friendly smile she never leaves home without. As for Runner Ups in the category, industry and readers voted unanimously for tomboy Binx Walton. She drives a motorcycle and plays football, and that explains everything. She owns too-cool-for-school style in the most adorable way possible.

Celebrity as Model: Women

Industry’s Vote - Rihanna; Runner Up - Jennifer Lawrence

Readers’s Choice - Cara Delevingne; Runner Up - Rihanna


Celebrity as Model: Men

Industry’s Vote & Readers’s Choice - Justin Bieber; Runner Up - Ansel Elgort

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