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Mzungu Kichaa hosts Mashariki-Mix Travel Show

Bongo music artist Mzungu Kichaa hosts DSTV's Mashariki-Mix Travel Show. Mzugu Kichaa gives a guided tour, showing tourists and others who do not know the and 'ins and outs' of Dar-es-Salaam, how to get in tuned with Tanzanian history city!...oh!, by the way, if you don't speak Swahili, you will need...

African vellies win the CFDA Fashion Awards

For the first time in the history of the CFDA Awards (aka “The Oscars of Fashion”) not one but three emerging designers were honored with a top prize of $300,000. Aurora James of Brother Vellies, Rio Uribe of Gypsy Sport and Jonathan Simkhai are the names to follow in 2016 and though they are all...

“Africa, this one is for you!”

Angolan supermodel Maria Borges made history at the Victoria’s Secret show, when instead of long and bouncy waves - the most common hairstyle for the underwear brand defilés, she wore her hair short and natural. “Being yourself is the right thing to do”, she said and internet exploded with pr

FEATURED: UK Hip Hop/Game Artist: Wiley

Wiley has stood the test of time again again in British hip hop and truly shown he is a master of his craft. Those of new to Wiley's music, reputation and respect in the the British music industry, perhaps its best to start with painting a picture that resembles the US Hip Hop scene.

Marigold is in, thanks to Michelle Obama

Marigold is a new hot color, all thanks to the First Lady, whose impeccable sense of style has been on everyone’s radar for the last 7 years. 

On Tuesday Barack Obama gave his annual State of the Union address. Facing the Congress, he spoke about country’s important economical and social issues, such as pay gap, affordable education and medical insurance, for almost an hour. His speech was fierce and well-articulated as always. And so was his wife, Michelle, who didn’t say a word, but let her dress speak for her. 

The dress was impossible to miss, because of its bright hue, labeled by Social Media as “optimistic”. Mango or mustard, yellow or orange - the press was wondering, who is the designer behind it and when they found out, they knew what the optimism was all about.

Narciso Rodriguez is Cuban-American. Surely, choosing his garment was not just a random move for the First Lady, but a nod to one of her husband’s many legacies: restoration of diplomatic relations between countries after over 50 years of cold silence. 

Though the dress was originally priced at $2,095 on, then reduced to $628, it is now sold out. Over night Michelle Obama made marigold color more popular than ever. 

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