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D'Angelo is back and his new Album "the Black Messiah" is an absolute gem, quenching the thirst of all the fans who have been waiting for 14 years.

Make-up free

We've been seeing many crazy beauty looks at the ongoing New York Fashion Week, but Marc Jacobs just took it to a whole new level. The models at his show wore no make-up at all. No foundation, no mascara, no lip gloss, only moisturizing lotion.


Born in Mexico, raised in Nairobi, Lupita Nyong'o won the Best Supporting Actress award, becoming the first black African to own an Oscar. 

A new face of Armani Junior

Armani Junior released a behind-the-scenes footage of the fall 2014 campaign and it wouldn't be a big thing if it weren't for Quvenzhané Wallis. An Oscar nominee for her role in Beasts of the Southern Wild, became the new face of Giorgio Armani's line for children and teenagers.

Ghanian brand Hazza dedicates collection to mothers

Fashion lovers all around the world know exactly when next season is around the corner: it is when fashion houses start revealing their ad campaigns. So right on time, unisex brand from Ghana “Hazza” presented lookbook of its Spring/Summer2016 collection and we can’t wait to try each and every piece from it.

The line called “Ashasie3”, which means “the beginning” in one of the dialects of Ghana, pays homage to the struggles of a mother, her strength and courage for her children to succeed. To highlight this deep message, Hassan Alfaziz Iddriss, the man behind the label, uses military colors, like black, white, dark green and dessert yellow. Together with the setting in a rural household, the images truly channel the keywords of the collection: nature, balance and strength.

Shot by Quincy Koranteng, models Julee Djoulde Bocoum, Laurie Frimpong, Richmond Ekow Barnes, and Prince Sitsope pose alongside a woman taking care of her two little children. Kimono-like garments might seem like a strong juxtaposition to her at first, but knowing the idea behind the creation of the pieces you can’t help but draw a comparison between mothers and martial artists. 

Indeed, they have a lot in common. 

Scroll through for a glimpse of the “Ashasie3” pieces:


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