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"Dazzling Blue" has been named top color pick for Spring 2014. Among other top colors are "Violet Tulip", "Placid Blue" and "Radiant Orchid" - all four shades meet in one superlative gemstone, Tanzanite. 

J.Crew June 2013 catalogue by Cass Bird

J.Crew has always chosen great backdrops for their catalogues, traveling to Portugal, Bali, Amalfi, Isle of Skye, Uruguay. This time photographer Cass Bird and supermodel Liya Kebede teamed up, packed their bags and headed to shoot "Summer Adventure" campaign in Tanzania.

Meltdown on the runway

Hussein Chalayan’s shows are always in the spotlight. Either it is technology, or futuristic design, or smart use of electronics, his clothes are much more complicated than your usual garments. Every time his creations make us think about endless possibilities of clothes in the future. Luckily for...

BEYONCE'S NEW SONG "7/11" - Watch & Enjoy!

With 4 million views on the first day, Beyonce has done it again!   

Zoë Kravitz stars in Calvin Klein ad with mom

2015 was a great year for Zoë Kravitz, 2016 seems very promising too. 

The star of Dope and Mad Max: Fury Road is on every fashion girl’s radar now. It is safe to say, she’s been dominating red carpet with her gorgeous dreadlocks and rockstar outfits, and since she’s been going out and about with her new boyfriend, George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow, nothing can really stop us from admiring her amazing wardrobe.

As it turned out, her impeccable style is not entirely her merit, but her famous mom’s as well. Not only Lisa Bonet is the biggest influencer on Zoë’s taste, but she actually still lends her clothes. It is possible only between mother and daughter who have a strong bond, called friendship. And friendship it was that landed both a gig for a big-name brand. 

“Life in the now” is a new campaign for Calvin Klein’s watches and jewelry line. In addition to the stunning mother and daugher duo, the brand shot other couples of all sorts in the ad. Model Xiao Wen Ju and her real-life friend, the Korean actor, Kim Woo Bin, Instagram celebrities Tilda Lindstan and John Hein, actor Will Petlz and his girlfriend, former Calvin Klein model, Kenya Kinski Jones play romance for black-and-white video and campaign images, shot by Cass Bird. 

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