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How hand-made natural cotton from Addis Ababa finds its way to boutiques around the world and retailers like Barneys, Saks Avenue and Bloomingdale's? Liya Kebede has an answer.

Fight for our rights, urges Oscar winner Patricia Arquette

The big Oscars night has hardly sprung any big surprises, but Patricia Arquette did. The Best Supporting Actress winner used her acceptance speech to make a strong feminist message. 

The One Where They Replaced Rachel and Monica

There is a reason, why we still love and discuss Friends after a decade NBC aired the last episode, and it is as easy as it gets. Because they are AWESOME! Right? But as for recent buzz on Social Media, it started when a blogger at Recently Heard spotted a hilarious error in an old episode, the one which...

Paper Mag broke the Internet, …again!

Move over, Kim Kardashian! It is Miley’s turn! 

Derek Zoolander lands Vogue cover

To all devoted fans of Derek Zoolander: it is time to celebrate! After more than a decade your idol has finally appeared on the cover of American Vogue! Greatest male supermodel alive pulls his best Blue Steel alongside Penélope Cruz. 

Last year Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson surprised the guests of the Valentino show in Paris by doing a walk-off as Derek Zoolander and Hansel. It was a bold move to announce the filming of Zoolander 2. The February cover of the most influential fashion magazine is a gentle reminder that the movie will soon be out in the theaters. 

Models Jourdan Dunn, Gigi Hadid and Joan Smalls accompany the star inside, in the editorial shooting created by Annie Leibovitz. 


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