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Who is behind arts and fashion in Lagos?

With its fast growing oil-economy, high-rise buildings popping up here and there and hectic streets’ atmosphere, Lagos itself is an interesting city to see, but nowadays it is also a must-visit for photography lovers and fashion aficionados. 

Which fur do you prefer?

Fur is back in trend. Sinfully soft and ridiculously warm, designers didn't shy away from using it not only for you to stay warm, but rather to freak your look up with "furry" details.

Vogue on diversity

Three fashion beauties Grace Mahary, Imaan Hammam and Cindy Bruna are "the happiest sights of fashion in 2014", according to Vogue. Three young models are portrayed in Oscar De La Renta dresses to illustrate the article about diversity in fashion for Vogue, March 2014 issue. 

Make-up free

We've been seeing many crazy beauty looks at the ongoing New York Fashion Week, but Marc Jacobs just took it to a whole new level. The models at his show wore no make-up at all. No foundation, no mascara, no lip gloss, only moisturizing lotion.

Uniqlo will sell hijabs

Uniqlo is famous for numerous collaborations with high-end designers like Jil Sander and big fashion names like Carine Roitfeld, but what usually goes unnoticed is that the Japanese casual wear retailer sometimes teams up with smaller brands too. Tomorrow it will launch a special modest wear collection, created with internet personality-turned-designer, Hana Tajima


The music's most awaited tour kicks off in Miami. Expensive special effects, intensely extravagant outfits, complex choreography, - a mighty union, Beyonce and Jay Z, has one more time proved to be Queen and King of the world's pop scene. 

No more photoshop

A new women's magazine changes the industry game and stands out to fight for crows feet and freckles of their models. Verily's policy says "no more Photoshop! Average women's beauty should be celebrated - not shamed, changed or removed".