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Who’s Afraid of Ava DuVernay? A Groundbreaking Director and the Big Oscars Snub

In a cinematic world where white male film directors have traditionally ruled the roost since the Oscars began back in 1929, a relatively new girl on the block Ava DuVernay could be blazing a trail. And though falling just short of getting her maiden Best Director nod at this year’s Academy Awards,...

Ethiopian Docudrama Difret Opens in US to Promote Women’s Rights

An unlikely thing has happened in America. An Ethiopian Amharic-language film shot by an Ethiopian-born director and starring a duo of Ethiopian actresses opened in select US theaters.

BuzzFeed staffers try on Victoria’s secret swimwear pieces

After years of admiring the models in Victoria’s Secret catalogs, six brave BuzzFeed staffers decided to make themselves into models and tried on the latest lookbook's poses. Here's what happened.

Mis-drop by Ferand Peek

300 years in the future, a forensic accountant reviews the video stream from one mercenary's drop-pod which has been damaged during the initial stages of a colonial invasion. Directed by Ferand Peek.  

Fierce Factor: Erykah Badu

It is not everyday that we see old school box braids in editorials about fashion. Erykah Badu manages to mix the 80s hairstyle with futuristic-looking designers' pieces in the "Fierce Factor" feature for InStyle USA, September issue.

Known for an eccentric taste in clothes, the neo-soul singer has already made a number of solid fashion statements this year: from being the face of Givenchy Spring 2014 campaign to covering Essence magazine. Riccardo Tisci, a creative director of the Givenchy, admitted, he had Badu in the back of his mind while designing the spring collection. Her ability to mix what may seem unmixable to many, inspired designer to create a flawless mash-up of African and Japanese motifs. 

“When it comes to crazy dressing, I’m still the leader of the pack,” Badu says. “Dressing is an everyday art. Be honest, be fearless.” 

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