Can you guess who has the most-liked photo on Instagram?

Yes, we live in the world, where social media success is everything! When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married, the first thing they did together was an Instagram picture! Their first kiss as wife and husband got more than 2.4 million likes and set the world record, which then seemed impossible to beat.

But Kardashian family is not just Kim and, as for recent news, Bruce (who is now Caitlyn). Caitlyn’s daughter and Kim’s little sister Kendall Jenner is a rising star in modeling business. She walks all major designers’ shows, she graces big brands’ campaigns and she is young, beautiful and rich. But all that is nothing, if you re not a social media star. Luckily, she is! Six weeks ago she posted a photo of herself elegantly dressed in what looked like a wedding dress, her hair arranged in heart shapes - BAM! Just like that we have a new world record! 2.5 million likes in five weeks, and with all the following coverage in the media, 2.7m a week later!

Can you beat this, Kim Kardashian?


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