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Why we're hot for Herieth

Born in Dar-es-Salaam, a 14-year old Herieth Paul moved to Canada to be soon discovered by a local model agency. Two years later Elle Canada placed Herieth on the cover of their July 2011 issue, saying: "Naomi… Move over! Why we're hot for Herieth!"

“Africa, this one is for you!”

Angolan supermodel Maria Borges made history at the Victoria’s Secret show, when instead of long and bouncy waves - the most common hairstyle for the underwear brand defilés, she wore her hair short and natural. “Being yourself is the right thing to do”, she said and internet exploded with pr

Rihanna covers up for Harper's Bazaar Arabia

Rihanna has landed another magazine cover and it is probably one of the oddest she has ever done. The editorial for Harper's Bazaar Arabia is called "The New Modesty: Cover Up in Style" and reflects the Middle Eastern styles and accessories.

No more photoshop

A new women's magazine changes the industry game and stands out to fight for crows feet and freckles of their models. Verily's policy says "no more Photoshop! Average women's beauty should be celebrated - not shamed, changed or removed".