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Laverne Cox to get a wax figure in Madame Tussauds

Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox will become the first transgender person to become part of the Madame Tussauds legacy. The figure will be debuted during the city’s Pride festival at the museum’s San Francisco department.

Why Idris Elba Should Be Next James Bond

The infamous Sony hack has revealed many things. And what an ugly can of worms it was, including top execs calling superstar Angelina Jolie names and allegedly making what has been described as racist remarks about meeting US President Barack Obama. But we certainly like at least one of the leaks, tipping...

Meet models of the future!

Teen Vogue tapped three young women of color for their August cover and won! Imaan Hammam, Aya Jones and Lineisy Montero are not exactly new in the business, but they have a lot more to offer in the future. And that's why they are Fashion’s New Faces!

The One Where They Replaced Rachel and Monica

There is a reason, why we still love and discuss Friends after a decade NBC aired the last episode, and it is as easy as it gets. Because they are AWESOME! Right? But as for recent buzz on Social Media, it started when a blogger at Recently Heard spotted a hilarious error in an old episode, the one which...

No more photoshop

A new women's magazine changes the industry game and stands out to fight for crows feet and freckles of their models. Verily's policy says "no more Photoshop! Average women's beauty should be celebrated - not shamed, changed or removed".