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Dawn in Luxor by Kahlil Joseph for KENZO

As if a digital pop-up wasn't enough, Kenzo makes another loud statement about sustainable fishing, by releasing a short film from director Kahlil Joseph.

Maria Borges lands her first Vogue cover

Congratulations to Maria Borges! Angolan-native has finally landed her first fashion magazine cover. … and it is Vogue! 

On the rock

If inspired by Mario Testino's editorial "Ocean Color Scene", you choose Zanzibar as your next vacation trip, make sure you book a table at the Rock Restaurant. 

December 1st - WORLD AIDS DAY!

Charlize Theron: "We cannot just wait for cure"

Selfie absorbed

In 2013 the word "selfie" was finally included in the Oxford English Dictionary and proclaimed "the word of the year". To celebrate the fact, W Magazine March issue dedicates the whole fashion spread to the popular phenomenon.

Black supremes

Black & white film is not common, when it comes to shooting fashion, but Richard Avedon's former assistant, photographer Sebastian Kim knows his ways around monochrome images. As a result comes "the Supremes" editorial with seven black models in Numéro France March issue.